The Outpouring

20×20” Acrylic & Mixed Media. Approx. 24 Hand Hours

THE ALL, in its aspect of Being, projects its Will toward its aspect of “Becoming” and the process of creation begins… This process is believed … to have a Correspondence to the metal process of an artist, writer, or inventor…This Involuntary stage of Creation is sometimes called the “Outpouring” of the Divine Energy, just as the Evolutionary state is called the “Indrawing”  

From The Kybalion, Chapter 7: Paragraph 9 & 10, Paraphrased

Have you ever had something move through you? Making this piece was really a moment of peak flow. With everything happening on the planet, it is really wonderful to experience such a focused and purposeful head space. 

This piece was completed in approximately 24 working hours over 4 days. Typically a project like this would take me a few weeks at least. A smidge of that is practical considerations (ugh work 😐) but it is partially due to the material and research processes that are used to create the work. 

My work has always consisted of layers. Both layers of art materials (layers of paint or marker and pencil, digital layers) and layers of ideas. As I progress these things only become more integrated. Recently, this year especially, I have been finding it more and more necessary to find a unity between my marker and pencil work and my abstract pieces. This interconnection reaches into the ideas and philosophy behind each piece as well. One of the ways that I try to extend my art to others is by combining ideas from various philosophical, scientific and religious traditions. From my perspective truth isn’t differentiation. The truth of our experience is in commonality. In order to present a truly holistic narrative, my artwork must also become more interconnected.

Cierra Johnson, Artist

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