Essential, Apparently

Everyone keeps calling me a hero to make themselves feel better. It turns out that I’m an essential worker… I work in print production as 3rd party vendor for a major grocery chain and I am not receiving any type of hazard pay..

I don’t feel better. I just feel at risk. Like I’m being sacrificed for people in a higher tax bracket. I make just enough money to be over-income for charity and government assistance but not enough to save or invest. Any stimulus money will go toward bills or necessities. I won’t be receiving my merit raise this year. I guess I will try to invest all those hero points. (Not a thing)

People always forget that the hero usually dies in stories. I don’t want to die. I show up everyday regardless. Having a hero is great. Being a hero…not so much. Someone has to do it, I guess. I just wonder when it’s my turn to get saved will anyone show up. Or will I have to save myself? (As per usual)

Cierra Johnson, Artist & Essential Worker

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