Girls & Cars

I got this vintage car ad from Darrell Staggs, a photographer that I’m lucky enough to be collaborating with on an art project. Very Exciting. Check out his work here.

Cars have always held a certain fascination for me. Growing up I remember my dad taking us two places: skating rinks and low rider shows. My son is a real life car enthusiast. Like he’s into torque and engines and whatnot. Taking him to the Meechum Auto Auction and getting to see his joy was everything.

And I love old cars. Don’t get me wrong…I love a space coupe. They are fast,flashy, loud; certainly fun for a night or a weekend. But its something about the care and restoration of a classic that just impresses me more. I can appreciate the extra work and extra care that goes into its upkeep. I appreciate the memories it holds. But more than anything I admire the individuality of each car. Each one unique. Each one with its own purpose.

My favorite…chilling in the corner, minding her business, doing just enough. But when she step out, you gone see it.

Circulating Dollars

I should have been wearing mask…I tried to keep socially distanced.

Hey Y’all. Y’all good?

These photos were taken by Mia Moore at the Juneteenth Festival. Having your picture taken is always super cool and these are great. You can see more at the link below.

Being a part of this festival allowed me to make some needed investments in my business. I’m adding a second table to my “live set up” and I’m going to be able to use my online space a lot more effectively. Social distancing is life. Exciting.

I also invested in some stuff for me. I got some body scrub and butter from Be Bella Co. They are black owned and women owned brand based right in Indy. I also bought black owned hair stuff…needed it.

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