Art & Pleasure

Studio Update

Making art is fun. Every moment that I spend making art is pleasure. There is nothing more purely good than putting brush to canvas. Few things can compare to the heady mix of brewed coffee and marker fumes. No sensation quite matches the scratch of pencil on paper. Art feels good.

I used to think of my art as “the great work” of my life. Recently, I realized that was wrong-headed. Art is the great joy of my life. It is the opposite of work. With art the labor is the fruit. When I draw or paint, I feel passionate, purposeful joy.

One of my goals this year is to enjoy life more. Life is short and I want it to be fun. I want to do more of the things I love. Some people say life is a race or a marathon. For me, life and art are long walks; its easy, natural. You will eventually get where you are going. Enjoy it.

A few quick announcements:

I am incredibly grateful for the clients that I have had over the years; but in order to make time for more pleasure, I will be discontinuing my freelance graphic design work. I am happy to consult or make recommendations.

I look forward to focusing more on my fine arts practice, gallery shows and vendor events.